- A PARTIAL LIST (1642-1835)
Compiled by Graham Louer 
Webpage and editing by Cliff Lamere    Jul 2001
  This list of early Albany Co. churches was made for Graham's personal use and
  is not complete.  Nevertheless, it should be useful to many people.  Names
  of churches sometimes changed, so you may know the church by a different
  name.  More recent names are given below in square brackets [ ].
  The names used herein are not official names.  An official name might be
  "Dutch Protestant Reformed Church of Village-name".  In common usage
  and on this webpage it might simply be referred to as "Village-name 
  The columns represent 1) the date of formation of the church as best 
  as could be determined, 2) the name of the church, 3) and the town(ship) 
  or city of its location in the county.  Albany, Watervliet and Cohoes 
  are the only cities in the county.  The third column sometimes consists
  of the name of a village or hamlet, followed by the name of the town in
  which it is located.  Watervliet was once a huge town, but now the name
  applies only to the city.  Both usages can be seen in the list below. 
  [Notes by Cliff Lamere]
  1642   Albany 1st Reformed            Albany
  1668   1st Lutheran                   Albany
  1715   St. Peter's Episcopal          Albany
  1762   1st Presbyterian               Albany
  1763   2nd [Beaver Dam] Reformed      Berne [Town or hamlet]
  1784   Boght Reformed                 Colonie [Town or Village] 
  1786   New Salem Reformed             New Salem, New Scotland
  1787   New Scotland Presbyterian      Slingerlands, New Scotland
  1788   St. James Lutheran             Guilderland [Town of]
  1789   Quaker Society                 Coeymans [Town or hamlet]
  1789   1st Methodist                  Albany
  1790   St. Paul's Lutheran            Berne [Town or hamlet]
  1791   Jersalem Reformed              Feura Bush, New Scotland
  1794   Rensselaerville Reformed       Rensselaerville [Town or Village]
  1794   [1786?] Helderberg Reformed    Guilderland Center, Guilderland
  1813   2nd Presbyterian               Albany
  1814   North [Gibbonsville] Reformed  Watervliet [Town of]
  1814   2nd [Madison Ave] Reformed     Albany
  1824   Asbury Methodist               Newtonville, Watervliet
  1826   Union Reformed                 Delmar [Unionville], New Scotland
  1827   St. Paul's Episcopal           Albany
  1829   4th Presbyterian               Albany
  1834   3rd Reformed                   Albany
  1834   Calvary Methodist              
  1835   Trinity Methodist              Albany



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