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The family of Rev. Elijah Herrick is discussed on page 95 of the 1885 Herrick Genealogical Register, HGR, compiled by Lucius Carroll Herrick of Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio.  The information is unverified and the number is related to the chapter titled "Ephraim of Beverly" in the 1885 book.  Elijah is the 2098th child of 3248 in the chapter and is of the 6th generation from Henery HERICKE, a.k.a. Henry of Salem, in said book.

2098.6. REV. ELIJAH HERRICK, s/o Elijah Herrick & _____ Kinnie, b. July 22, 1760, probably in Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., NY, d. Sep. 26, 1847, Charleston, NY, he was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Charleston for fifty years.  He m. Jan. 03, 1783 Rhoda CISSEN of Dutchess Co., NY, she was b. Nov. 31, 1761 and d. Mar. 06, 1840.

Ch. 7th generation.
2141.7. Elijah E., b. July 31, 1784.
2142.7. James S., b. May 03, 1787.
2143.7. Sarah C,. b. Aug. 31, 1790, m. Sep. 06, 1831 at Albany, NY Solomon Hamilton, d.s.p. Apr. 04, 1861. 
            [d.s.p. means that she died without issue].
2144.7. Calvin, b. June 23, 1793.
2145.7. Luther, b. Nov. 27, 1795.

And from page 96 of the same book, the data is also unverified:

2144.7. REV. CALVIN HERRICK, s/o Elijah Herrick & Rhoda Cissen, b. June 23, 1793, Charleston, NY, d. Sep. 21, 1877, Baptist Clergyman, Charleston, NY.  He m. July 18, 1815 Mary PIERCE who was b. June 28, 1794 and d. Feb. 18. 1877.
Ch. 8th generation.
2191.8. Henry G., b. May 27, 1816.
2192.8. Mary Ann, b. May 27, 1821, d. Oct. 23, 1823.
2193.8. Mary Ann, b. May 27, 1826.
2194.8. David P., b. May 16, 1835, d. Mar. 27, 1848.

Henry G. HERRICK of Charleston, NY m. Oct. 13, 1842 Eunice PIERSON and they had four children; Eugene K., b. Nov. 17, 1843; Eunice F., b. Aug. 24, 1849; William P., b. July 15, 1852; and Calvin L., b. Aug. 23, 1854.

Eugene K. HERRICK of Chicago, IL was with the firm of Conover, Hall & Co., commission dealers in livestock, that was located at rooms 34 & 36, Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards, he received an A. B. in 1868 from Union College and he m. May 19, 1869 Harriet N. SWITS.  They had three children; Louis E., b. Mar. 6, 1870; Susie May, b. Apr. 02, 1876, d. Aug. 18, 1877; and Harry Eugene, b. July 30, 1878.

And this note from my file for Rhoda CISSEN: "Her date of b. in the 1885 HGR is November 31, 1761, in as much as there are only 30 days in November the day of 31 must be a typo.

Rev. Elijah HERRICK's ancestry is as follows, [these data should be considered as unverified unless noted otherwise by source data]:

Elijah,(6), b. July 22, 1760 was the s/o Elijah HERRICK, (5), b. Jan. 25, 1736/37, & _____ KINNIE. his d.o.b. is confirmed by Reel 36 of the Barbour Index which records the following: "HERRICK, Elijah, s. [Stephen & Phebe], b. Jan 25, 1736/37, Preston Vital Records, Vol.1, Page 99."

Elijah,(5), b. Jan. 25, 1736/37 was the s/o Stephen HERRICK,(4) & Phebe DENNISON.  

This confirms their marriage, Reel 36 of the Barbour Index records the following: "HERRICK, Stephen, m. Phebe Guile, Nov. 10, 1726, PRESTON VITAL RECORDS, Vol. 1, Page 99." Phebe GUILE was the widow of Benjamin GUILE and was born as Phebe DENNISON. And this confirms his d.o.b.: Reel 36 of the Barbour Index records the following:

"HERRICK, Stephen, [s. Samuel], b. Feb. 12, 1705/6, PRESTON VITAL RECORDS, Vol. 1, Page 46."

Stephen,(4) was the s/o Samuel HERRICK,(3) & Mehetabel WOODWARD, and this confirms the date of their intention to marry: Page 159 of Beverly Marriages from the CD titled, Early Vital Records of Essex Co., MA to about 1850, records the following marriage, [intention to marry]: "HERRICK, Samuel, and Mahitable Woodward, int. Oct 23, 1698." int. = Intention of marriage.  Therefore they were m. after the date of the Intention of marriage.  The 1885 HGR has the m. date as 1698. And this confirms his baptism date: Page 183 of Beverly Births from the CD titled, Early Vital Records of Essex Co., MA to about 1850, records the following: 

"HIRRECK, Samuell, s. Ephraim and Mary, bp. 18 : 5 m : 1675. C. R. I." The 1885 HGR has his d.o.b. as June 04, 1675, which is before his baptism date of July 18, 1675 per Beverly Births cited above, 5m being the 5th month of the year, July, when March was the 1st month.

Samuel,(3) was the s/o Ephraim HERRICK,(2) & Mary CROSS. this confirms the date of their marriage: Page 491 of Salem Marriages from the CD titled, Early Vital Records of Essex Co., MA to about 1850, records the following: 

"HERRICK, Ephram, and Mary Cross, July 3, 1661. CT. R." CT.R. = court records, Essex Co. Quarterly Court.  
As does this cross reference entry: 

Page 79 of Beverly Marriages from the CD titled, Early Vital Records of Essex Co., MA to about 1850, records the following: "CROSSE, (see also Cross), Mary, and Ephraim Herrick, July 3, 1661."  And this record confirms his baptism when using the death record that follows the baptism record: Page 426 of Salem Births from the CD titled, Early Vital Records of Essex Co., MA to about 1850, records the following birth: "HERRICK, -------, s. Henry, bp. 11: 12 m: 1637. C. R. 1." C. R. 1. = church record, First Church. "12 m" is February, when March was the 1st month of the year before the Gregorian calendar and double dating.  The record is defective in that it omits the name of the child.  Page 469 of Beverly Deaths from the CD titled, Early Vital Records of Essex Co., MA to about 1850, records the following death:
"HERRICK, Ephraim, Sept. 18, 1693, a. abt 56 y." This record essentially confirms the date in the 1885 HGR.

Ephraim,(2) was the 3rd s/o Henery HERICKE,(1), [a.k.a. Henry of Salem], & Editha LASKIN.  There is much more information on Henery Hericke on pages 910 to 194 of The Great Migration Begins.  The 1846 & 1885 Herrick Genealogies are defective in claiming that he was the 5th s/o Sir William HEYRICKE.  That son, a.k.a. Henry of Beaumanor, emigrated to York Co., Virginia with wife Ann by March 17, 1641 while Henry of Salem was in New England from July 1629 having arrived there with the Higginson-Skelton Fleet of Puritans.

And that is it for the most part.  I am the administrator of the RootsWeb HERRICK-L and -D mail lists and have just begun organizing a Herrick Family Association, HFA, as a means to compile and publish a 3rd edition of the Herrick Genealogies.  At the present time they are scheduled to be published in the next 3 to 5 years.

Elijah's 2nd cousin, once removed, who was named Amos HERRICK, and his son named Lemuel HERRICK started from Charleston, NY and made the trek with Joseph SMITH and Brigham YOUNG to the Utah Territory. Amos was b. Dec. 05, 1745 at Preston, CT, [confirmed by the Barbour Index], m. 1st at Bennington, VT Deborah FILMORE and they had three children b. at Bennington and Middletown, CT., [per the 1885 HGR, unverified]. He m. 2nd, [see below], and they had six children b. at Middletown, CT & Charleston, NY, [per the 1885 HGR, unverified].  Amos died at the age of 80 during December 1825 at Hiram, Portage Co., Ohio, and his 2nd wife, Eunice SCERL or SEARL d. September 06, 1838 at the age of 75 at Caldwell Co., MO.  Their son Lemuel was b. Mar. 13, 1792 at Charleston, NY, died Sep. 01, 1861 at Ogden, Weber Co., Utah Territory.  There is no indication in the 1885 book if Elijah,(6) and Amos knew each other or if they did know each other that they knew that they were 2nd cousins, once removed.  Other information can be found about this branch online at Ancestry.com in various databases for Utah.   

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