Columbia County, NY Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

(Narrow Version for Printing)


Cliff Lamere      Nov & Dec 2000



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1:1-8           First Austerlitz Cemetery                        just south of village of Austerlitz
1:9-18         Austerlitz Village Cemetery                      Austerlitz
1:19-26       Green River Cemetery                             Town of  Austerlitz
1:27-76       Spencertown Cemetery                             Cem. around church at Spencertown
2:1              Esselstye Farm Cemetery                          Town of Claverack, road from Martindale to Harlemville
2:2-10         Harlemville Methodist Cemetery                   Harlemville
missing       St. Peter's Methodist Cemetery                   Spencertown
2:45-56       Red Rock Rural Cemetery                          Red Rock, Town of Canaan
2:57-58       Park & Jenkins Family Cemetery                   Canaan
2:59            Jenkins Family Cemetery on Jones Farm            Canaan
2:60-78       New Concord Cemetery                             New Concord, Town of Chatham
missing       Austerlitz Cemetery                              Austerlitz
2:86a          Green River Cemetery                             Green River
2:87-93       Craryville Cemetery                              Craryville, rd. leading from Reformed Dutch Church
2:94-96       Presbyterian Cemetery                            Craryville
2:97-112     West Taghkanic Methodist Church Cemetery         West Taghkanic
2:113-116   Old Williams Cemetery                            dirt road off main road between Hillsdale and Copake
3:1              Boston Corners Cemetery                          Boston Corners
3:2-18         Union Cemetery                                   Ancram, opp. St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
3:19-26       Old Cemetery                                     Ancram
3:27-63       Vedder Reformed Church Cemetery                  Gallatinville
3:64-84       Niver Cemetery                                   Craryville, on the State road
3:85-92       Martindale Cemetery                              Martindale, opp. Baptist Church
5:1-42         Woodlawn Cemetery                                Valatie
6:1-50         Prospect Hill Cemetery [alph]                    Valatie
6:61-103     Prospect Hill Cemetery [non-alph]                Valatie
6:104-110   Prospect Hill Interments [not indexed]           Valatie
6:111          Prospect Hill Cem. - Williams bible records      Valatie
6:112-123   Prospect Hill Burials [c. 1917-1984]             Valatie
7:1-58         St. John the Baptist Cemetery (Roman Cath.)      Valatie
8:1              Fitch - Osborne [-Dingman] Burying Ground        West Hill Road, bet. Austerlitz and Hillsdale
8:1              2 stones, doorstep of Barclay Tenant House       Hillsdale, bet. rt. 22 and Old Town Road
8:2              Ford Family Burying Ground                       West Hill Road, about 2 miles from Austerlitz
8:2              Vosburgh Stones (2)                              Town of Chatham, 3 miles E of East Chatham on rt. 295
8:3-4           Peabody Cemetery                                 Old Gutterway Rd. (Old Rt. 22), Canaan
8:4-5           Family Burying Ground                            near Green River, just across the MA line
8:5              Upper Canaan Shaker Burying Ground               Old Gutterway Rd. (Old Rt. 22), Canaan
8:6-7           Pitts Family Burying Ground                      north of Old Chatham, 20 yds off Pitts Road (Rt. 66)
8:8-17         Hillsdale Rural Cemetery                         Old Town Road, Hillsdale
8:17-24       Van Deusen (Williams) Cemetery                   North Mountain Rd., Copake Falls
8:24-33       Methodist Church (Foster) Cemetery               Rt. 22, Hillsdale
8:33-34       Mallery Family Burying Ground                    Mallory [sic] Rd., Austerlitz
8:35-42       Old Spencertown Cem. (Spencer Family
                   Burying Ground)                               Taylor Hollow Rd., Austerlitz
8:43            Sally Church Burial Plot                         County Rt. 5, Canaan
8:44-53       Unnamed Cemetery                                 just east of village of Queechy Lake, on Rt. 295
8:54-56       Frenchman's Burying Ground                       County Rt. 5, Beebe Hill, Austerlitz
8:56-67       Old Community Cemetery                           Old Town Road, Hillsdale
8:68-74       Old Canaan/New Lebanon Community Cemetery        Canaan/New Lebanon Town Line, County Rt. 5
8:75-76       Brown Family Cemetery                            Peaceful Valley Rd., South Canaan
8:76-77       Fog Hill Family Burying Ground                   Fog Hill Rd., Flatbrook
8:77-85       Green River Community Cemetery                   Jct. Rts. 71 & 22, Green River
8:85-88       Park Family Burying Ground                       County Rt. 24, Red Rock
8:88-89       Old South Canaan (Red Rock 
                        Community) Burying Ground                     South Canaan, County Rt. 5
8:90-95       Austerlitz Rural Community Cemetery              Austerlitz, Rt. 22
8:96-97       Old Community Cemetery                           Macedonia Road, Red Rock
8:98-106     Community Cemetery                               East Hill Rd., Austerlitz
8:106-109   Old Austerlitz Cemetery                          Rt. 22, Austerlitz
8:110-145   Spencertown Rural Community Cemetery             County Rt. 203, Spencertown
9:1-43         Kinderhook Cemetery (Old Section)                Kinderhook
9:44-51       Old Kinderhook Cemetery Interments               Kinderhook
9:52-82       Kinderhook Cemetery (New Section)                Kinderhook
9:83-99       Kinderhook Cemetery Burials                      Kinderhook
10:1-74       Kinderhook Cemetery - Old Section                Kinderhook
10:75-77     Kinderhook Cem. - Old Sect. [maiden names]       Kinderhook
10:78          Kinderhook Cemetery - Old Section                Kinderhook
10:79          Kinderhook Cemetery (New Section)                Kinderhook
13: 1-6        Episcopal Churchyard Cemetery                    Stockport
13:7-15       Episcopal Cemetery                               near School-House, Stockport
13: 16-23    Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery              Stockport
13: 24-49    Stuyvesant Falls Cemetery                        Stuyvesant Falls
13: 50-78    Woodlawn Cemetery                                Valatie
13: 91-110  Stuyvesant Cemetery                              Stuyvesant
13: 111       Lutheran Cemetery                                Stuyvesant
13: 112-114   Old Stuyvesant Cemetery                          Route 9J, Stuyvesant
13: 115-136   Stuyvesant Landing Cemetery                      Stuyvesant Landing
13: 137-142   Van Alstyne-Hardick-Vosburgh Cemetery            Town of Stockport
14:1-66        Claverack Reformed Dutch Church Cemetery         Claverack
14:67-84      West Ghent Reformed Church Cemetery              West Ghent
14:85-90      German Church Cemetery                           Town of Ghent
15:1-42        Vedder Church Cemetery                           Town of Gallatin
17:1-21        Cem. next to Reformed Dutch Church of
                        Linlithgo                                                   Town of Livingston
17:22-28      Livingston Cemetery                              Opposite Reformed Church (Dutch), Livingston
17:29-33      Linlithgo Village Cemetery                       Off dirt road from Livingston to Linlithgo
17:34-36      Cem. Attached to the Livingston Memorial         
                          Chapel of Reformed Church of Linlithgo        Linlithgo
18:1-6          Episcopal Churchyard Cemetery                    Stockport
18:7-15        Episcopal Cemetery                               Stockport, near school house
18:16-23      Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery              Stockport
18:24-49      Stuyvesant Falls Cemetery                        Stuyvesant Falls
20:3             Hudson City Cemetery                             Hudson
20:5-29        Hudson City Cemetery                             Hudson
21:1-16        Flat Brook Cemetery                              Town of Canaan, near Flat Brook Baptist Church
21:21-35      Chatham Center Cemetery                          Chatham Center
22:1-26        North Chatham Cemetery                           Chatham
24:1-29        Village Cemetery                                 Hillsdale
24:30-33      Rear of Herrington & Bell Houses                 North Hillsdale, Rt. 22
24:34-36      Old Cemetery                                     Hillsdale
24:37-38      Lutheran Cemetery                                Hillsdale
24:39-41      Old Cemetery                                     North end of the town, Hillsdale
24:42-50      Harlemville Cemetery                             Harlemville
24:51-66      Methodist Episcopal Churchyard Cemetery          North Hillsdale
24:66-107    Methodist Episcopal Churchyard Cemetery          Copake
24:108-126    West Copake Reformed Dutch Cemetery              West Copake, adjoining the church
24:127-170    Chatham Rural Cemetery                           Chatham
25:1-45        Reformed Church Cemetery                         Germantown
25:46-74      3 Lutheran Church Cemeteries                     Germantown
25:75-83      Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery              Germantown
25:84-86      New Methodist Episcopal Cemetery                 Germantown, on hill east of the church
25:87           Old Winans Farm Cemetery                         North Germantown
25:87-91      Cheviot Cemetery                                 Germantown
26:1-2          Sutherland Cemetery                              bet. Chatham and Chatham Center
26:3-4          Hogeboom / Tipple Cemetery                       just outside Chatham village limits
26:5             Clark Burial Plot                                White Mills, near Chatham
26:5             Bulles Burial Plot                               back of the Chatham Rural Cem.
26:5-6          Lovejoy-Smith-Beebe-Thomas Burial Plot           bet. New Concord and Red Rock
26:7          Son - Beebe Burial Plot                          1 1/2 miles from Chatham
26:7          Moses Son Burial Plot                            bet. Chatham and Chatham Center
26:7          Starks Burial Plot                               Kinderhook St., Chatham
26:8          Van Horn - Dewey - Curtis Burial Plot            village of Austerlitz
26:8          Mory-Morey Burial Plot                           bet. Spencertown and Harlemville
26:8          Mercer Burial Plot                               Red Rock
26:9          Mory - Tracy Burial Plot                         location not stated
26:9          Wheeler Burial Plot                              bet. West Lebanon and New Britain
26:9          Sherman Burial Plot                              near West Lebanon
26:9-10       Landon-Mosher-Van Ness Burial Plot               Malden Bridge, on farm
26:10         Phelps Burial Plot                               1/2 mile from Chatham Center on road to East Chatham
26:11         John Van Ness Burial Plot                        near Malden Bridge
26:11-12    Holmes-Crocker-Gardinier Burial Plot             bet. Chatham and Kinderhook
26:13-14b    Baldwin-Hamilton-Carpenter Burial Plot           1 1/2 mi. E of Canaan, 1 mi. N of Canaan Four Corners
26:14-18    White Mills Cemetery                             White Mills, 1 1/2 mi. from Chatham
26:18-27    Old Ghent Cemetery                               1 mi. south of village of Ghent
27:1           Capt. Philip Bartle stone                        just outside Harlemville
27:1           Bowman-Frary-Simmons-Wagner Plot                 Kline Kill, bet. Kinderhook and Ghent
27:1-14      Canaan Center Cemetery                           bet. Canaan Four Corners and Canaan Center
27:14-17    Dedrick Plot                                     Kline Kill, near Ghent
27:17         Downing - Winn - Richmond Plot                   back of Philmont
27:17         Fradenburgh Plot                                 Kline Kill, near Ghent
27:17-21    Friends' Meeting House Plot at Ghent             1/2 mi. east of Ghent village
27:21         Garner Cemetery                                  Kline Kill
27:21         Harder - Proper  Plot                            Kline Kill bet. Kinderhook and Ghent
27:21         Minkler - Downing Plot                           near Harlemville
27:21         Pruyn Plot                                       Kinderhook village
27:21         Shaver Plot                                      Kline Kill, near Ghent
27:21-22    Shufelt Plot                                     Kline Kill bet. Kinderhook and Ghent
27:22-23    H.T. Snyder - Smith - Van Slyck Cemetery         Kline Kill, near Ghent
27:23         Peter Van Ness stone                             rear of Lindenwald, c. 2 mi. from Kinderhook
27:23-25    Wager/Wagar Burial Plot                          c. 2 mi. from Ghent
28:1-7        Methodist Churchyard Cemetery at Queechy         Queechy Lake
28:7-17      New Concord Cemetery                             bet. East Chatham and New Concord
28:17-35    East Chatham Cemetery                            c. 1/2 mi. east of village
29:1-3        Old Chatham Cemetery                             Old Chatham
29:3           Wilbor Plot                                      village of Old Chatham
29:3           Charlotte Curtis Stone                           Old Chatham
29:3           Son - Beebe Plot (additional stones)             1 1/2 miles from Chatham
29:3-5        Rogers Burial Plot                               east of Chatham
29:5-6        Cadman Plot                                      near Red Rock in "Macedonia"
29:6           Benjamin Plot                                    Macedonia, Town of Austerlitz
29:6           Samuel Lamphere Plot                             northeast of Chatham
29:6-8        Old Ghent Cemetery Stones (additional)           1 mi. south of village of Ghent
29:8           Dr. Daniel Tobias stone                          northeast of Chatham
29:8-9        Babcock - Allen - Goodrich Plot                  near Red Rock
29:9           Son - Sliter - Beebe Plot                        bet. Chatham Center and Old Chatham
29:9           Van Volkenburgh Plot                             near Chatham Center
29:9           Elizabeth Gilbert stone                          Town of Kinderhook, southern end
29:10         Vosburgh Plot                                    bet. East Chatham and Canaan
29:10         Van Cott-Lea Plot                                bet. East Chatham and Canaan
29:10-11    Richard Thomas Plot                              c. 2 mi. east of Chatham
29:11         Jacob Arnold stone                               near Arnold's Mills, Town of Ghent
29:11         Conant stones                                    location not stated
29:11-12      Farrand Plot                                     on Fog Hill, norther Town of Austerlitz
29:12         Catharine Young stone                            c. 2 1/2 mi. SW of Craryville
29:12         Darlington Plot                                  c. 2 1/2 mi. SW of Craryville
29:12-13    Barry Cemetery                                   c. 2 1/2 mi. north of East Chatham
29:13-20    Foster Cemetery                                  Hillsdale, village
29:21         Hauver stone                                     bet. Ghent and Mellenville
29:21         Vosburgh stone                                   Town of Kinderhook
29:21-25    Austerlitz Cemetery                              Austerlitz, village
30:1-26      Spencertown Cemetery                             rear of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church, Spencertown
31:6          An index + 23 burials                            Newton Hook, many more locations
32:1          Arthur Geering Farm Cemetery                     Town of Canaan
32:1          Best Farm stone                                  Town of Canaan
32:1          Slattery Farm Cemetery (home farm)               Town of Canaan
32:1          Rider-Whitehead Farm Cemetery                    Town of Stuyvesant, Newtonhook
32:1          Old Delamater Farm Cemetery                      Town of Greenport
32:2          Cemetery                                         North Hillsdale
32:2          Hatch Burying Ground                             Green River, south side of brook
32:2          Jeremiah Potter monument                         Town of Hillsdale
32:3          Shoemaker Hill Graveyard                         North Chatham
32:4-7       Kittle Cemetery                                  bet. Kinderhook and West Ghent
32:8          Van Ness Lot                                     bet. Chatham Center & Malden Bridge, off Rt 66
32:9          Claverack Cemetery excerpts                      Claverack
32:10         East Ancram Cemetery                             (Scotchtown) behind bldg which was Methodist Church
32:12-13    James Thorpe Farm Cemetery                       Town of Kinderhook, Old Post Rd.
32:13         Private Cemetery                                 Town of Kinderhook, Old Post Rd., near Lindenwald
32:14-16    Old Cemetery at Stuyvesant                       Stuyvesant
32:17-18    Holmes-Crocker-Gardinier Burial Plot             bet. Valatie and Chatham off Rt 203, N of Kline Kill
32:19-20    Old North Chatham Cemetery                       North Chatham
32:21         Phelps Cemetery                                  midway bet. Chatham Center & Rock City
32:22         Ashley or Burgess Farm Cemetery                  recorded as Ashley, but K.L. Burgess disagrees
32:23-24    Ashley or Burgess Farm Cemetery                  recorded as Ashley, but K.L. Burgess disagrees
32:25-26    Ashley or Burgess Farm Cemetery                  recorded as Ashley, but K.L. Burgess disagrees
32:27         Finch Cemetery                                   bet East Chatham and Old Chatham, on side road
32:28         Wilbor Family Cemetery                           Brainard Rd. out of Old Chatham
32:29         Mercer Burial Plot                               Town of Canaan, off Co. Rt. 5
32:30         Graveyard                                        Newton Hook, E of Coxsackie Station
32:30         J.S. Palmer Farm Burial Lot                      1 mi. S of Stuyvesant Landing
32:30         Solomon Sharpe Farm Burial Lot (1895)            1 mi. S of Stuyvesant Landing
32:31         George Snyder Farm Burial Lot (1894)             near Ghent, lower village
32:31         Boright Farm Burial Lot                          near Chatham Village, near old White Mill Church
32:31         Mary Van Buren Farm Burial Lot (1895)             mi. E of Stockport Center RR sta., rd. to West Ghent
32:32-37    Mount Pleasant Reformed Churchyard Cem.          Greenport
32:38-54    Chatham Union Cemetery                           Malden Bridge
33:1           Old New Britain Cemetery                         Town of New Lebanon, Haddock Hill Rd.
33:2-8        New Britain Cemetery                             New Britain
33:9-10       Macedonia Burying Ground                         unstated
33:11         Mallery Road Cemetery                            Town of Austerlitz
33:12         Graveyard                                        S of village of Austerlitz, Rt. 22
33:13         Gravestones                                      2-3 mi. S of Austerlitz, Rt. 22
33:14-17    Schoolhouse Road Cemetery                        Town of Austerlitz, SE of Spencertown
33:18-20    Queechy Methodist E. Church Cemetery             Town of Canaan, near Queechy Lake
33:21-22    Fog Hill Cemetery                                just off Co. Rt 5, just beyond Fog Hill Rd. going S
33:23-24    Fog Hill Road Cemetery                           off Rt. 5, Canaan
33:25-26    Parke Cemetery                                   N of Red Rock, just bef. Dr. Herzberg property
33:27         Sherman Cemetery                                 Town of New Lebanon, near jct Hand Hollow Road & Rt. 5
33:28         Winslow Cemetery                                 Town of New Lebanon, Winslow Road
33:29-31    West Lebanon Cemetery (incomplete)               West Lebanon
33:32         The Evergreens Cemetery (incomplete)             New Lebanon
33:33-37    Old Evergreens Cemetery                          New Lebanon, back of The Evergreens Cemetery
33:38         Spier Graveyard                                  Hand Hollow, New Lebanon
33:39         Old First Baptist Church Cemetery                North Hillsdale
33:40         Krum Cemetery                                    near Hillsdale
33:41-45    Old Orchard Cemetery                             Hillsdale
33:46-53    Hillsdale Rural Cemetery                         Hillsdale
34:42-87    Union Cemetery                                   Mellenville
34:88-96    St. Luke's Cemetery                              Clermont
34:97         Gravestone on C.C. Townsend estate               Clermont
34:99-103   Linlithgo Village Cemetery                       bet. Livingston and Linlithgo
35:0          Mrs. Frances Eames Farm Burial Plot              previously Peter Harder Farm
35:1          Bain Cemetery                                    Town of Taghconic, near old Van Deusen place
35:1          Esselstyn Cemetery                               Everitt Esselstyn Farm, Claverack
35:2          Brown Cemetery                                   Rd. from State Line to East Chatham, was Kellogg estate
35:3-3c       Butler Cemetery                                  village of Stuyvesant
35:4-5        Chittendon Cemetery                              Rt 9 at Rossman (formerly Chittendens Hollow)
35:5          Smith Family Cemetery                            ??part of Chittendon Cem.??
35:6          Dunspaugh stone                                  below lower Ghent, on Del. Kisselburgh place
35:6          Very monument stone                              barn foundation in West Ghent
35:7-8        Daniel Falls Farm Cemetery                       Old Post Rd., 4 mi. S of Kinderhook, 1937 owner Pruyn
35:8          Shufelt Cemetery                                 bet. Kinderhook and Ghent
35:8          Elbert Miller Farm Cemetery                      Town of Ghent, bet. Kline Kill and Ghent
35:8          Vosburgh stones (2)                              bet. East Chatham and Canaan
35:9          J. Morris Farm Cemetery                          Ghent (Town of?)
35:9          Van Deusen Cemetery                              Town of Greenport
35:10         Gardenier-Van Alen                               Katie Pruyn's Farm, N of Kinderhook
35:11         Hardick-Mandeville-van Alstyne-Vosburgh Cem.     County rd. Stuyvesant Falls to Rossmans
35:12         Head-Bortle-Race Cemetery                        County rd. Kinderhook to Ghent, Town of Ghent
35:13         Hoes Cemetery                                    Stuyvesant Falls on Lindenwald Rd.
35:14         Hollenbeck Cemetery                              West of Mt. Morino (Church Hill), S of odd Gillett Farm
35:15         Hoogaboom Cemetery                               Just below Ghent village on Ghent-Hudson road
35:16-37a   Foland-Kittle Cemetery                           Clyde Leggett Farm near Oni school
35:18         McKinstry Cemetery                               bet. North Hillsdale and Harlemville
35:19         Miller Cemetery                                  Ghent, Everett Ostrander Farm
35:20         Nichols Cemetery                                 bet. Niverville and North Chatham on Waldorf Farms
35:21         Bradley Nichols Place Cemetery                   none
35:22         Anna Pomeroy stone                               Kinderhook
35:23-24    Prettytown Cemetery                              Stockport, 3rd District, on old Vosburgh farm
35:25         Sackett Cemetery                                 1 mi. N of Lebanon Springs, on Rt. 22
35:26         Sage-Wheeler Cemetery                            Town of Lebanon, 1 mi N of Adams Crossing
35:27         Sherman Cemetery                                 East Chatham-Canaan Rd., Town of Lebanon
35:28         Sherman Cemetery                                 New Britain, W of Lebanon Center
35:29         Simmons Cemetery                                 Ghent, on old Simmons Farm
35:30-31    Skinner Cemetery                                 Town of New Lebanon, c. 1 mi. from Canaan Center
35:32         Snyder Cemetery                                  Town of Ghent
35:33         Stupplebeen Cemetery                             N of Ghent turnpike from Hudson, old Stupplebeen Farm
35:34         Tator Cemetery                                   Ghent, on old New Farm
35:34         Levi Link Farm Cemetery                          Ghent, later Kittle farm
35:35-36    Ten Broeck Cemetery                              Claremont, off Rt. 9
35:37         Van Alen Cemetery                                Stuyvesant
35:37         Pruyn Cemetery                                   Kinderhook, on Wm. van Schaack Beekman farm (1890)
35:38         Kinderhook Cemetery, van Alstyne stones          Kinderhook, W side of road
35:39         Chatham Center Cemetery Plot                     Chatham Center
35:40         van Alstyne Cemetery                             Poelsburgh-on-Hudson, N of Stuyvesant
35:41         Stuyvesant Falls Cem., van Alstyne stones        Stuyvesant Falls
35:42         Andrew Vanderpoel Farm Cemetery                  just S of Poelsburgh
35:43-45    Van Deusen Cemetery                              Town of Claverack, 1 mi. S on Rt 23, then 1 mi. W
35:46         Wilbur Cemetery                                  just NE of old Chatham village square, old Wilbur farm
35:47         W.B. van Alstyne Farm Cemetery                   Town of Stuyvesant, 2 1/2 mi. S of Kinderhook
35:47         Hennet Farm Cemetery                             Town of Kinderhook
35:47         Hawver stones                                    Rd. Mellenville to Ghent
35:47         James E. van Alstyne Farm plot                   Town of Stuyvesant, 2 1/2 mi. S of Kinderhook
35:48         Ding Cemetery                                    Town of Gallatin, near Silvernails
35:49-50    Old Stuyvesant Cemetery                          Stuyvesant
35:51-52    W.W. Howes Farm Cemetery                         Malden Bridge
35:53         Henry R. Hoysradt Farm Cemetery                  Ancram
35:53         Nigger Orchard Cemetery                          Ancram
35:54         Reuben McArthur Cemetery                         Ancram
36:1-3        White Mills Cemetery                             Rte. 203 outside Chatham village
42:1          Van Ness Cemetery                                Town of Chatham
42:1          Landon-Mosher-Van Ness Plot                      Malden Bridge, Town of Chatham
42:1-2        Pitts Family Cemetery                            Malden Bridge, Town of Chatham
42:2-3        Van Hoesen-Reed-Van Alstyne Plot                 Malden Bridge, Town of Chatham
42:3          Hudson-Sims-Simpson Cemetery                     Malden Bridge, Town of Chatham
42:3-4        Davis-Burgess-Lester-Tanner Cemetery             Malden Bridge, Town of Chatham
42:4          Noah Ashley Cemetery                             Riders Mills, Town of Chatham
42:4          Wilbor Family Plot                               Old Chatham
42:4-5        Old Chatham Cemetery                             Old Chatham
42:5-6        Rogers Burial Plot                               Town of Chatham
42:7          Barry Plot                                       Town of Chatham, near Cotter Rd.
42:7          Bulles Burial Plot                               Chatham-Spencertown Rd.
42:7          Clark Family Ground                              near White Mills, Town of Chatham
42:7          Private Ground                                   near Chatham Center, Rt. 13
42:7          Krum stones                                      Dunavin Residence, Chatham Center
42:8-9        Hogeboom, etc. Cemetery                          N of Chatham Village
42:9          Clark Family Ground, additional stones           near White Mills, Town of Chatham
42:9          Moses Son Plot                                   Town of Chatham
42:9-13      White Mills Cemetery                             Town of Chatham
42:13         Cemetery on Land of Noah Ashley                  Riders Mills, Town of Chatham
42:13         Cemetery near Boston & Albany RR                 East Chatham
42:13         Vault on Doyle Place                             N of Morehouse Corners
42:13         Cemetery                                         near Chatham Center, off rd. to Niverville
42:13         Babcock Plot                                     Town of Chatham
42:13-14    Richard Thomas Plot                              Town of Chatham
42:14-15    Old North Chatham Cemetery                       Town of Chatham
42:15         Phelps Burial Plot                               Town of Chatham
42:16         Lovejoy-Smith-Beebe-Thomas Cemetery              New Concord, Town of Chatham
42:17-27    Chatham Union Cemetery                           Malden Bridge
42:27-35    East Chatham Cemetery                            East Chatham
  includes 32a-32d
42:36-39      Krum Cemetery                                    Harlemville, Town of Hillsdale
42:40         Krum Cemetery                                    Harlemville, Town of Hillsdale
44:5-15       Austerlitz Cemetery                              Village of Austerlitz
44:16         Barnum Road Cemetery                             Town of Austerlitz, SE corner, near NY-MA line
44:16         Benjamin Plot                                    Towns of Canaan-Austerlitz border, John Doyle Farm
44:17-18      Cemetery Near the Canaan Line                    Town of Austerlitz, NE border
44:18-23      East Hill or Brown Cemetery                      Austerlitz hamlet
44:24         Fitch-Osborn Cemetery                            Town of Austerlitz, West Hill Road
44:24-25      Fog Hill Cemetery                                Town of Austerlitz, 3/4 mi. E of County Rt. 5,
44:25-26      Fog Hill or Frenchman's Cemetery                 Town of Austerlitz, in Beebe State Park, off Co. Rt. 5
44:27         Ford Cemetery                                    Austerlitz hamlet
44:27         Fratellenico Cemetery                            Town of Austerlitz, Fratellenico Farm
44:27         Harvey Mountain Road Plot                        Town of Austerlitz, Robert F. Light's property
44:28         Kellogg Cemetery                                 1 mi. N of Austerlitz hamlet, west off Rt. 22
44:28-29      Macedonia Cemetery                               Town of Austerlitz, near Stonewall Rd-Macedonia Rd jct
44:29-30      Mallery Cemetery                                 Town of Austerlitz, near jct Punsit and Mallory Roads
44:30         Morey Cemetery (Pratt Hill Road)                 Town of Austerlitz, 3/4 mi. from Rigor Hill Rd.
44:31         Morey Cemetery (Rigor Hill Road)                 Town of Austerlitz, jct Rigor Hill Rd & Pratt Hill Rd
44:31         Mountain Plot                                    Town of Austerlitz, off Upper Hollow Rd.
44:31-32      Old Austerlitz or Calkins Cemetery               1 mi. S of Austerlitz hamlet, east of Rt. 22
44:33         Route 22 Cemetery                                Town of Austerlitz, near junction of Rts. 22 and 71
44:33-38    School House Hill Cemetery or 
                       Downing-Winn-Richmond Cem.                    Town of Austerlitz,
44:38-97    Spencertown Cemetery                             Spencertown, behind St. Peter's Church
44:97         Steepletop Cemetery                              Town of Austerlitz, off East Hill Rd.
44:97         Tracy-Mory Cemetery                              Town of Austerlitz, W of Pratt Hill Rd
44:98         Van Horn-Dewey-Curtis Cemetery                   Austerlitz hamlet
44:98         Varney Mountain Cemetery                         Town of Austerlitz, near MA border
47:1-59       Ghent Union Cemetery                             Ghent
47:104-108    Ghent Union Cemetery - Burials, lack stones      Ghent
47:109-114    German Church Cemetery                           Town of Ghent, German Church Road
47:115            St. John's German Lutheran Cemetery              Town of Ghent
47:116-123    Columbia County Plot                             Ghent
47:124-125    Ghent obituaries                                 Ghent
47:126           Everett Ostrander Farm                           Ghent